Stress, Anxiety, Depression?


Stress, Anxiety, Depression Counselling

 “Psychotherapy is a learning experience. Improvement is not produced by an external substance, but by changes within the person. It is like learning to read, write or ride a bicycle. Once you have learned, the skills stay with you.”

— Irving Kirsch

Do you notice yourself often worrying, irritable, sad, lack energy, have trouble getting to sleep or sleeping too long?

Maybe you feel like you’re constantly being judged by others or have that internal voice inside your head that is loud, overly critical or is incredibly “mean”?

When you don’t address your anxiety or depression, its easy to feel that everything is happening to you, to feel stuck and that things will never change? This doesn’t have to be!

Stress, anxiety and depression are universal human experiences. No matter how you experience these feelings or disorders, know that there is professional help and that you are not alone.

Acknowledging the myriad of emotions and how you are feeling right here and right now is a great first step. 

Reach out and let’s start taking the steps together to support you in finding greater happiness and energy in your life.

When we work together, we will find the resources, tools and strategies that work best for you in creating the life you want.

Let’s begin.

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