INTENSIVES & Couple Retreats


INTENSIVES & Couple Retreats

Are you feeling a sense of urgency and need for greater clarity when it comes to your therapy?  INTENSIVES offer a unique customized program geared specifically towards your therapeutic needs and goals, resulting in positive change experience.

INTENSIVES are one or two day customized events for all individuals and couples who are willing to do the hard work.

INTENSIVES will enable you to dive deeper into issues, gain greater understanding of your own beliefs, values and patterns for coping and gain practical tools to lessen immediate distress and action forward greater resilience in all of your life relationships.

INTENSIVES support you in making the conscious change to action forward towards a healthier and happier you. 

Please note that INTENSIVES and retreats are tiring for all parties involved and are also positively transformative as it condenses approximately 3-to-6 months of therapy work into 1-2 days. 

*For pricing and scheduling inquiries, please contact me. Follow us at Couple Retreats – Kamanik Retreats to learn more!

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