Coaching for Individuals


Coaching for Individuals

Are you feeling overwhelmed, a lack of belonging, or unfulfilled?

Are you experiencing burnout or finding it difficult to connect with others?

Individual coaching can help you to “get you back on track”, gain greater awareness, connection, insight and purpose. Through a series of confidential conversations, supportive framework and tools, Sharon encourages one’s own curiosity of learning, understanding of one’s internal “blueprint” and discovery of choices that contribute to greater success.

Sharon is a certified coach practitioner and provides individual coaching to help one Clarify, Focus, Align with purpose and meaning in all areas of life.

Coaching is a series of confidential meetings focused on gaining greater self-awareness for approaching goals, reframing negative patterns, and implementing tools for greater work and life success.

Sharon’s Coaching Philosophy

Sharon approaches coaching with enthusiasm, curiosity and belief that all people have the capacity to cultivate meaningful change.

Using a systemic and integrative model, Sharon works in collaboration to support greater understanding of one’s core values and personal “blueprint’ for operating to evoke positive relational shifts, align on performance-based goals and build purposeful connections for greater wellbeing. 

Ready to Start Feeling Better?

Monday to Friday: 7am-8pm
Weekends: Upon request
I offer free phone consultations!