Meet Sharon Hobbs

Psychotherapist | Coach

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
A psychotherapist and certified coach, Sharon brings a personal warmth, vitality and curiosity to all aspects of her work with people.

She operates a private therapy practice and serves as an organizational consultant for public and private sector companies.

Her professional training in traditional and body centred therapies combined with expertise in relational intelligence and business enables her to quickly assess relationship dynamics and varied systemic challenges that people encounter … both at home and at work.

Simply, Sharon helps people feel understood and emotionally supported to navigate conflict well, engage in “tough talks” and build better relations to live more JOYfully.

Reach Out If You Want to Talk

Monday to Friday: 7am-8pm
Weekends: Upon request
I offer optional phone or online (Skype or Ichat) sessions.

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